Thursday, February 5, 2009

Saturday Hollywood Studios/Epcot

So Saturday we went over to Hollywood Studios. It was cold - as you can see in the first picture below. We were not big fans of this park. I believe we only stayed about 5 hours. We did ride Star Tours though.

Haven at the car stunt show. They were blowing up cars, shooting guns, and everything...but she slept right through it. She was pretty worn out this trip - took quite a few naps. The best thing we did was get a wheelchair!

We did wake up to see the parade. There were lots of bugs and ants running around.

Haven and me in the streets.....

Tired again from the day. Dad carries her to the bus to head over to Epcot for dinner. We went to Epcot every night.

Dinner in the United Kingdom. Now this was Haven's and dad's favorite restaurant. Dad had fish and chips.....I had chicken.....

Haven had "mushy peas" and LOVED IT. She couldn't get over it and wanted the recipe. It's very hard to keep the diet in check when on vacation but we worked around it and many of the restaurants would modify the food for us.

Haven had to stop and see the belly dancer in Morrocco everytime we went to Epcot. She loved the music so much that I bought their CD so she could listen to it in the car at home.

This is in Japan. Each country does a little show from their nation outside their buildings. They are all very interesting to watch. This one was very cool.

Watching fireworks can be cold in February. Haven had the best seat in the house and was the most comfortable.

Fireworks at Epcot are the best. We watched them 3 nights in a row.

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