Saturday, February 21, 2009

Long Week.....

This has been the longest week in a long time! In 4 days we've had 5 doctor appointments! We're still waiting on results from everything. We need results from the sleep study, bone density scan, and cardiology. Haven's Cyclosporin levels were good yesterday.

We met with the surgeon on Wednesday this week about the tumor on her back. He said with the size of it he would have to make a fairly large incision in the back and it would make her extremely uncomfortable. He did say it felt like it wasn't connected to anything and that with this type he would have to "scoop" it out. However, in the end we chose not to have it. He said the risk of the surgery to her health far outweighed the benefits right now. Later down the line we will remove it. But Haven has a lowered immune system and in one month her immune system could be completely shut down.

I was hoping to have some updates by the weekend of anything....but these things take time.

Love to all!

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