Thursday, February 5, 2009

Friday Animal Kingdom Visit

Friday we spent the day at Animal Kingdom. We really liked this park. It was relaxing - a bit cold but it didn't rain. We did the Safari ride and walked around looking at animals. On the safari ride the animals are not locked in behind cages or gates - they just roam free while you are in a jeep like thingy! Haven fell asleep 4 wheelin through the mud!

"It's Tough To Be A Bug" show - This was our first show and it was 3D. We've had problems with 3D glasses before because Haven's eye is turned out AND it happened to be a day where I put her eye drops in so she couldn't see well with the good eye either! She was not a fan of this show - there are some surprises that even had me jumping out of my seat.

This is the tree woman. She was very cool. I didn't even notice her at first until I almost walked in to her. She blends with the trees and then slowly moves out to the middle of the road and makes her way to another tree.

Haven and I standing at the Yak and Yeti in Asia.

Then we headed to Africa for some shopping and more trails to see animals.

So dad thought the perfect restaurant to go to after Animal Kingdom would be Rainforest Cafe. It was very cool since we had spent the day with animals. Haven wasn't a fan. Kris got a special table near a waterfall and surrounded my monkeys. But every 10 minutes the monkeys would go crazy and Haven would freak out. Check below!

Haven is carefully watching the elephants, monkeys, and cheetahs surrounding her. She did have fun yelling at them to stop scaring her.

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