Thursday, February 5, 2009

Southwest Airlines and ROHHAD

Heading home on Tuesday. We had to be at the bus stop by 8am to get to the airport in time. We made it but these two couldn't stay awake for more than 3 minutes. We got on the bus and I thought Haven was going to watch the Disneymercial with me.....I look back and they were both passed out!

We had the best time on the flight home. The ladies were asking all about Haven and wanting to know all about ROHHAD and her condition. I spoke with them for quite a while and tried to briefly talk about ROHHAD. But once I start I go in to mega detail mode.

About 20 minutes after speaking with them they bring Haven a crown that they all made and put it on her head. They told her she was the Southwest Airlines Princess today. Haven was super excited about the crown.

Then about 5 minutes after that they made an announcement over the intercom on the plane that there was a Princess on the aircraft and her name is Haven. Everyone started clapping and cheering for Haven. Then they brought her a little gift for the road.

These are the two ladies that put it all together for Haven! THANK YOU

Finally arriving back in Baltimore....only to realize it was snowing and had snowed while we were gone. It was cold....definitely not Florida weather!

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  1. Hello, Haven! I had so much fun looking at all your pictures from your trip. I can't wait to show Elizabeth when she gets home from school. Once she sees all the neat things you got to see & do, she is going to want to go to Disney World big-time! [Actually, I really want to go, too, after seeing all that!] I'm glad you had so much fun! Take care & know we are thinking of you. God Bless you and your family, TerriAnn Rea-Gaustad, Lebanon IN