Thursday, February 5, 2009

Monday Magic Kingdom/Epcot

Our last day was Monday. We hit Magic Kingdom and of course, Epcot. Haven started the day at MK because she HAD to get more autographs. I was starting to wonder who's child this was! PS: it rained ALL DAY - well actually right after the parade. It was a super cold rain and it thunderstormed part of the day.
Mickey and Minnie hanging out!

First stop - Mary Poppins. Haven has most of the Disney movies and she had to stop by and see her.
We were trying to hurry because there was a parade for the Pitsburgh Steelers happening only a few feet away.....we didn't want to be any part of the rowdiness!

Next we found where the Princesses were hiding! Here is Haven with Princess Aurora.

Haven with takes some time to get close to them again but she did very well.

Haven with Belle. All of the Princesses talked to her for quite a while. They asked her where her kingdom was and if she was the ruler. We laughed at this!!! Of course she is!

Haven heading down to Pixie Hollow......

Lady bug of Pixie Hollow

This is Silvermist - she is a fairie from the new Tinkerbell movie. I learned a lot about fairies from Haven on this trip. She waited quite a while to see the fairies but we just HAD to.

This is Irridessa from Tinkerbell. I haven't seen the movie but I know Haven wants me to watch it with her this weekend. Anytime she is coloring in her Tinkerbell book she watches to movie to make sure she gets all their clothing color right.

Miss Tinkerbell......I was excited to get Haven with Tinkerbell. She loves the movie and loves Tinkerbell.'s nap time again. We decided to take a boat to Epcot instead of the bus - mix it up a bit. Haven was asleep before we got on the boat and slept through the entire trip. She woke up when we made it to the monorail and headed in to Epcot one last time.

The rain finally stopped around 8pm and Haven and I grabbed our evening drinks. I had a Vanilla Latte and she had a "not so hot" hot chocolate! You have to ask for "not so hot" so kids can actually drink it. This was her favorite treat every night. Mine too!!!
We had the best time at Disney - Haven is already saying she has to go back every year that it was the best. THANK YOU RIVERSIDE and everyone that donated to Haven's Disney Trip.

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