Thursday, April 12, 2012

School blues

Haven had her school pictures taken.  She is just getting so grown up.  I can't believe she's 8 years old.  It's amazing and crazy at the same time.  She loves these hair flowers she gets from her Uncle Kevin in Hawaii.  She has one for every outfit in most colors.

May be some moms out there can help me with something.  For the first time ever Haven does not want to go to school anymore.  We (dad and I) really like this school for it's education values but Haven is having a really rough time with the kids suddenly.  Many of the girls are picking on her or making fun of her,  kids are blaming her for "stealing" from them, saying she called another girl "fat" and now all the kids call her rude and mean.  I really don't know what to do.  Haven has always loved school and would rather be at school but now she doesn't want to go at all.  She says she is told to handle it on her own and she is trying to do that but doesn't know how when all the kids believe the other kids.  She told me after school yesterday that she can't believe she has to go for another 6 weeks...that she's counting down the days when she doesn't have to go back.  This makes me seriously sad.  I'd rather home school her then have her not like learning and going to school.

So please if anyone has any help or advice for me here send it my way.  I'm not sure how to help her except to tell her to ignore them and focus on her studies.  But reading about horrible teenagers in the news lately I don't want her to grow up - end up in high school with no friends - being made fun of - and then going berserk.


  1. Dear Misty,

    Thank you for posting the school picture of Haven. She is so beautiful. Please tell her that I said hello.

    I'm sorry that she no longer wants to go to school because the other children are saying hurtful things about her. I pray that the teacher will step in to help her and the others involved. Children can be hurtful to each other, but sometimes it passes and they're friends again. I pray that everything will work out for Haven so she'll continue to want to go to school.

    I'm glad that you're healing after your surgery. I know it's hard not to overdo when you have young children that need your care, but try to get your rest.

    Continuing to keep Haven and family in prayer.

    With prayers & best wishes,


  2. Just wanted to give some encouragement. My daughter has also been bullied because of her weight (87 lbs at 6 years). We homeschool her and her siblings, and she loves it.

    Thank you for your blog. My little girl has been having a lot of health issues(more than doubled her weight in last 18 months, doesn't feel pain, behavior problems, etc), and after typing them in Google, I found your site. I searched medical journals for more information on ROHHAD, to give to her pediatrician. Thank you.

  3. Yes and she is only eight. I would like to say it gets better but S is now almost 20 and people continue to judge based upon weight. Her circle of friends really disappeared at Junior high and high school and now we are her closest friends. I am trying to get her into counseling soon as it is not her issue but that of others. It tears me up each day.