Monday, April 23, 2012

Crazy couple of weeks

Well I've been extremely tired...since surgery (like 2 hours after surgery) I developed a crazy cough deep in my lungs.  Both doctors assured me it was from the breathing tube and anesthesia.  So by the third week and the third time seeing a doctor I had to beg and tell them I wasn't leaving until I had meds.  Yay...I got cough syrup with codeine and an inhaler to puff on every 4 hours.  I started that on Friday and at least I'm able to sleep now - still coughing but sleeping!

 Here is Rohnin informing everyone that she is about to turn 1!!!

 We went to the Dixie Kite Festival this past weekend....bad weekend for it.  We were near 96 degrees. 

 I kept pouring water on Rohnin - she at least had shade.

 But after about 30 minutes of being there we left - the heat is too much for a girl that could easily have seizures due to heat.  She did get her free book for reading for the past few months.

 My middle daughter...enjoying a day of napping.  Best doggie daughter ever!

Here is a funny picture of Rohnin being bad.  She got caught trying to mess up her sister's room.  She likes to make Haven crazy!

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