Friday, April 6, 2012

Reluctantly turning 37

I have decided not to acknowledge that I'm 37.......although I did enjoy the party tonight.  It was a nice and relaxing evening.

 I special ordered homemade pizza from grandma and grandpa --- Haven helped to create it.

 Rohnin supervised....

Then came a yummy desert --- my request - Cherry pie with vanilla ice cream!!!

thank you again!!!!


  1. You have no choice, you are 37, Nik was 39 how do you think I feel? I was just thinking yesterday I would love to go back to 2000 and feel well, happy and content. So many good memories of your childhood.

    Great you had a nice BD, we love you.

  2. Dear Misty,

    Belated happy 37th birthday to you. From your post, it seems to have been a great one. I pray that your recuperation continues to go well.

    Please tell Haven that I said hello and that I hope she had a wonderful Easter.

    Continuing to keep Haven and family in prayer.

    With prayers & best wishes,