Thursday, April 12, 2012

2 Weeks Since Surgery

Well it's been two weeks since I had surgery on a large incarcerated umbilical hernia and a smaller hernia above that.  I have now met with the OB in regards to the baby and surgery.  All is perfect there.  Today I met with the surgeon for follow up. 

Here is the scar after 2 weeks.  Looking great.  Surgeon was very happy.  Hubby said he'll design a smiley face tattoo I can get for the scar! ha ha ha...

All I have to say is if you've ever had an incarcerated hernia (intestines poking through the muscle wall that get pushed back in to your body) then you understand how much pain I was in....while pregnant none the less.  I couldn't walk for days at a time, couldn't lay down, could barely breathe.  It was, since the pain of the surgery is subsided, I am very happy I did it.  Baby is perfectly fine and I can walk!  I haven't had the extreme pain or anything.  PS:  exactly why I would rather push a baby out then have a c-section!

I do have to say Monday was rough with Rohnin.  I was trying to be "normal" mom and do what I could.  Picking her up a few times destroyed me by evening.  It felt as though the mesh was tugging at my stomach and it was killing me.  I've spent the last two days in bed (seriously sleeping about 6 out of 8 hours) and am back at "normal" today.  Only 4 weeks left of limited activity.

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