Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Haven's Surgery

I was able to talk to a few of Haven's doctors and nurses today.

We need to be at the hospital by 8:30am tomorrow. Haven can not eat past 6:30am.....THIS IS THE HARDEST PART OF ANY PROCEDURE! Haven's surgery will begin around 10:30am. Do you even know how many times we will hear her ask for food during that time!!!!!????

I talked with Oncology and due to her at home chemo needing to be mixed with milk she will not take that until she wakes up but we will take the blood pressure meds - if Haven misses one dose of BP meds her BP rises significantly and we have to keep it down.

Once her surgery is over Haven will be admitted to the 8th floor instead of the normal recovery on the 4th floor. Haven needs to go to the 8th floor because this is the only floor that has Chemo Nurses (ha ha - that's how they're known). When Haven comes out of anesthesia she will begin her chemotherapy Rituximab - which should take about 6 hours to administer.

Summary: Surgery begins at 10:30am and about 6 hours later she will be in recovery receiving chemo for about 6 hours.

Haven will be monitored at the hospital for the night. We will update every as we can. We can't guarantee when we will be able to contact anyone - we will definitely be sleeping all day Friday if we're home.

Love to all.

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  1. Hi there. My name is Alisha, and I have been going around and finding kids with neuroblastoma to send some prayer and support! I hope her surgery goes/went well!