Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Grandparent's Week

Haven had a busy week last week as her grandparents came in and out throughout the week. After April 1st we will be keeping the house locked down pretty tight as we get deeper in to Haven's chemo so everyone had to come see the Princess.

We were missing a couple of the grandmas though - Grandma Sing was hanging in Utah and Grandma B-Honey is in Korea. We have a few Great Grandma's out there that we want to say HI too...we don't see them much at all but we wish we could.

We had a blast the entire week and Haven kept everyone busy.

Grandma and Grandpa Virginia came out early. Grandma stayed with Haven for the entire week and they were constantly working on crafts when Haven wasn't at the hospital. Although they only had 2 full days the entire week together they stayed really busy. As you can see in the background they worked on the tree. Now I haven't had time to take it down and we joked about having a tree for every holiday. Haven is now working on a new tradition - we have the first Easter Tree. As you can see they made egg ornaments, bunny ornaments, and a big easter egg bow is on the top of the tree. It's absolutely adorable.

They also made a St. Patrick's Day set up with a leprechaun on the side table. He is still there and she has been reading her books with us each day. I'm sure all of this will stay where it is until Grandma comes to change the holiday look. :)

Later in the week, Grandpa Beard Off came to visit us from Utah. He brought with him a most amazing quilt made by Grandma Sing. There are sections on the quilt for all of her family members. There are also hidden messages sewn in to the quilt that say "kisses" "hugs" "Haven" and flowers and butterflies. The quilt is absolutely amazing. There are also little charms sewn on to match different family photos. Haven has been asking to sleep with it but mom has put it away in a zipped back to keep it safe. Haven will absolutely cherish this quilt as she grows older. THANK YOU SO MUCH GRANDMA SING (and grandpa for your computer skills)....WE LOVE IT. We hope you can visit next time.

Haven randomly likes to try out new smiles. She practices them in her floor length mirror and this is one of her new ones. She says she doesn't do big smiles anymore because she's a little bit bigger now. I know, I have no idea what that means but I don't really argue with her much. But Grandpa certainly doesn't have a problem with big smiles! :)

Haven and Grandpa stayed in this position for two days. Haven asked me on Saturday night if she could stay up and "party". Of course I rarely say no to her and her Grandpa hasn't seen her in over a year so she partied. She and Grandpa worked on this sticker book that was sent to her from a MACS friend. They started the book right after chemo at 8pm and we had to beg Haven to go to bed at midnight.

On Sunday, She and Grandpa started early. We couldn't tear these two apart. I thought we were going to have to pay Haven to let Grandpa take a break. Haven's friend Mason sent her a 1st grade workbook that is about 500 pages.......They worked on this book from 8am until 11:30pm that evening. I think Grandpa took two 15 minute breaks to help Kris with the trash (sorry to put you to work Gpa). I'm not even sure Grandpa ate the day.
PS: They almost finished the entire book!

Before Grandpa Simon left with Grandma on Sunday we had to have a Grandpa photo. These are Haven's Grandpa's and some of the men that love her like no other in this world. You have Grandpa B-Honey, Grandpa Simon, and Grandpa Beard Off.

Wow, doesn't my girl look older! She has no make up on but she looks like she does. She has changed so much over the past year. She is our world and our princess.

Thank you to everyone for visiting our girl. Everytime we see her smiling and laughing and having a great time we just take it all in. We stop whatever we are doing just to hear her laugh. She has never giggled and laughed as much as she did this week.

All our love to our families for the support and care you have shown Miss Haven.

PS: we have lots more photos on Haven's flickr site at the right side bar. Just click the box and you'll see them or click a photo above.

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