Thursday, March 5, 2009


Haven arrived at the hospital today around 8am for her MRI. I told Kris before going in that they were going to be on him about intubating her and he knew it. There is no fighting it anymore. We used to be able to fight but we know her file tells a different story now.

We used to meet with one anesthesiologist for an MRI - then it became two because we would fight about the tube in her throat and overnight stays. Today they were ready for the fight - they brought 2 anesthesiologists and 1 doctor out to meet with Kris. So he knew there was no arguing.

Kris took Haven back to the room to get anesthesia and usually she has them go straight through the port. This time she decided she wanted the mask first and then they could do the port after she was asleep.

They didn't have the nitrous oxide but instead made a mixture special for her that would help not make her so grumpy afterwards. Well, two breaths in to the mask and Haven freaked out. She panicked, of course scaring Kris, it took 3 doctors to hold Haven down while they held the mask over her face.

She was out.

I can't explain how hard it is to watch your child go out of it. I did it one time. That's it. I don't watch anymore.

Haven woke up and they brought Kris back. She actually only took 2 hours to recover and get her oxygen up high enough to be able to leave. They got home around 3pm and Haven slept until 7:45 when I woke her up for her chemo.

She has been coughing all night and has a horrible sore throat from the tube but she is doing well. She had a bad bout of diarreah today from the medication but I'm hoping she goes back to sleep soon or this is going to be a long night.

Tomorrow: 1st dose of Rituxan. This will take approximately 7 hours.

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