Monday, March 23, 2009

Hanging with Stryder and lots of thank yous

My brother came home from Iraq last Friday and Mr. Stryder came to visit us. These are all from Sunday - when Haven was feeling a lot better.

Stryder is in love with Grandpa B-Honey's back yard and all the ROCKS! He is a huge fan of throwing the rocks and especially the BIG ONE! He is just so fun to watch. He runs around crazy. Definitely not the way I'm used to seeing a child!

Stryder gave Haven a hug but she just doesn't know how to act around him. She's so still and doesn't know what to do around kids. She usually just sits back and watches him.

Haven received this beautiful big puppy (hanging in the background) from a MACS friend. He is absolutely AWESOME! I love him so much. He's like a big body pillow. He hangs out in Haven's bed....we'll he takes up most of her bed! There were a bunch of stuffed animals and gifts in the box. THANK YOU!!!!

This is a beautiful Easter basket put together by my friend at work, Aleah. There were a bunch of crafts inside it - we made a caterpillar out of the beads inside it!

This was one of the stuffed animals that came in the MACS box. The cute little knitted hat was made by and sent to Haven from her Aunt Martha in Utah. Isn't it just adorable! I couldn't believe it. Thank you Aunt Martha.

Haven also had a couple of knitted hats made for her by Aunt Martha! Check out the kool-aid moustache! Now that is what being a kid is all about!

Haven received the cutest duck and books in a package. She was screaming and freaking out. She loves him so much. His name is "Littlie".....he is currently in her bed sleeping with her right now. She has been with a blue whale that she received the other day. His name is "Whaley". I will put a picture of him up - he was another gift she received. Believe me - all these animals sleep with's amazing that she can still fit in her bed.

Shirley Anderson sent Haven a package with a wallet inside. This surprised Haven - there were photos inside, Old Navy gift card, and play money. She loves it. Shirley put the package together, Heidi gave the wallet, and Kelly gave the money. Absolutely great! She was so excited about the photos and couldn't understand how Shirley had photos of Grandpa Beard Off and Grandma Sing! :)

Aunt Dottie and her friend Andrea did it again! They sent Haven a beautiful package of custom made clothes to fit her. She received lots of spring clothing. Even capris and pink velvet pants. Haven has chemo tomorrow so I wonder what she will pick to wear! :)
Thank you everyone - we love you.

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