Monday, March 9, 2009

Miss Haven

I am still waiting to talk with Haven's doctors so I don't have too much to update medically.

Haven's toe infection seems to be getting worse. She is at the hospital Tuesday for a full day of chemo. Hopefully she will be home around 3pm or so.

I gave her a quick shower (hoping she would sleep better) and a few minutes afterwards her big toe on the "hot" foot cracked open and started bleeding again. So we cleaned it up and put her lotion on it. Kris will have it checked out and probably start a round of antibiotics.

Haven will also have her levels check Tuesday. She was at a toxic level again on Friday and we had to cut her home dose down through the weekend.

This was Haven last Friday at chemo. They give her a good size dose of Benadryl to avoid any reactions or hives from Rituxan and we like it because it does help her to relax. We did not have any throwing up this weekend but we did have very little sleep. By very little - I mean about 3 -4 hours total in 48 hours!

Haven received some beautiful clothes from Aunt Dottie in Michigan. Aunt Dottie's friend helps us out by making beautiful jeans for Haven. She hasn't been able to wear jeans in a few years and this is just awesome. The jeans have little cherries on them and are extremely cute. Haven absolutely loves the entire outfit. THANK YOU

She also received a painting kits from the nurses at Johns Hopkins Riverside. I'm excited to do these. There are butterflies and dragonflies and letters for her name. We're going to paint them and hang them in her room.

Haven's friend Sophia also sent her a package of gifts. She packed this tote bag up for her trip to the hospital on Tuesday. Absolutely adorable - THANK YOU SOPHIA (and mom!)

The cutest Zebra carpet ever - Miss Sophia sent this to Haven as well. Fits perfect next to her bed!

This is the matching pillow. Haven has her little babies sleep on this at night. She loves it because now she doesn't have to share her pillow with her babies!

Thank you everyone for caring for our daughter. We love you all.

Hopefully we'll see a few of the JH nurses on Thursday when we go to Haven's Pre-op appt.

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