Wednesday, January 21, 2009


We want to thank everyone all the time for everything you do for, gifts, prayers, books, stickers, notes, BIG stuffed animals, and even recipes! We're feverishly working away on thank you much as my fingers can write. So here are a few:

J and Sandy Spencer - donation to Haven (I used to work with J in CA - you two are awesome)
Team Annapolis - Under Armour - Sent Haven a huge box of cards and gifts and a Cheerleader Build-a-Bear
Bruce and Angela Sweyd - sent Haven a huge box with the biggest doggie I've ever seen in it and make up and Tinkerbell color wonder.

MACS Friends:

Katie McCollam - sent Haven a beautiful picture of herself and her mom and a some recipes

Julie Horner, Jena Perkins, June Junko, Judy Poole (thank you for the mulitple cards and gifts), Pamela Foulis (Butterfly creations), See Wah Hong (for the encouraging words to mom and dad), Caring Hearts, The Starrs Mill High School, John and Lynn Polen, The Spangenbergs, Virginia Paccione, Matt/Shelley/Quinn, Jenn Alvino, Brenda (beautiful Camel picture!), Charlene Cousins, Audrey Griffis (beautiful butterfly art and Princess), Lee Hill (paining canvas).

The smiles you bring my daughter are AMAZING! THANK YOU

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