Friday, January 30, 2009

Day 1 - Getting there and the next day I'm limited on energy. It's funny - at home I'm up until 1am and then back up at 6am for work every night....I can barely make it to 9pm in Florida. My legs are killing me and my back is dead...but we're still moving! So I will start with Day 1 and catch up to today.

Flight was great - Haven flies very well. This is her 7th time flying and it was the shortest distance. We sat in the very front of the plane and of course the Southwest flight attendants were AWESOME. We don't like to bother people with all our special needs but they just kept taking care of Haven. Bringing her pillows and making sure she was comfortable and not scared. Just kept talking to her. It was very nice.

One lesson I learned was to NEVER administer chemo while flying in a plane! This was a bad idea but it was 8pm and I was freaking that we were going to be late. Well I opened the bottle and BAM (as Haven would say) it flowed out all over me. My jeans were covered and stained black instantly and my hands were completely soaked....there was nothing left in the bottle at this point! I'm so happy it was only about 2ml of fluid. So I decided I'd wait until we landed to open the other bottle!

Then we took our bus to the resort and Haven was terrified. There were no seatbelts on the bus and she did not like that. She made her dad hold his arms across her like a seatbelt because she thought she was going to fall out.

We got to the hotel around 945pm and went to bed immediately. Our first day would be Magic Kingdom!! I'll put a few photos up here but everthing from the trip with be on her FLICKR account until Disney Vacation.

What's nice is having a 6 day hopper ticket and not worrying about getting to the park when it opens. So we ate breakfast in bed, we all sat around and thought good thoughts for Mason (he was having eye surgery today) and made it over to Disney by noon.

There are a lot of photos of Haven on her FLICKR site ---- CLICK HERE


  1. It would be nice to go to Disney again; I know everything is different even my age:( therefore I most likily would not see much. Disney would be the only reason I would return to Florida for any length of time. Tell Havey that Uncle Ernie's Mother and two sisters live there.
    Breakfast in bed Misty! I guess you all shared the same bed to eat:)
    Havey you have the best time you can and I hope you stay well; get your rest and go again.
    Candy is still knee deep in snow and ice; MAJOR COLD! zero is the temp. with wind chill 5 below so enjoy as much sun as you can. Goo ask's about you everytime she talks to G-Gram, we will have to tell her you are at Magic Kingdom.
    I love you little Havey and happy 5th birthday I did not forget.
    When you see your doctor's and nurses tell them Aunt Candy says thank you for making this trip possible. I think they are great people.
    Again I love all of you.

  2. Havey; I am sorry I have not checked on you from what I see now you must have had a great time at Disney. I figured you would see more than I did. THANK YOU FOR TOVEY he has a good home with my Bear; they sleep together. I will send you pictures. My Bear is 30 years old; he always likes new friends. I let both of them sit on my bed during the day. I had fun with Grandpa B Honey and Grandma B Honey; Grandpa B is funny. He is my baby brother. Great Gram B wanted me to tell you she likes all of your pictures; she comes to my house to see them.
    We love you Haven and someday we will come to your house.
    Aunt Candy