Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Haven's ROHHAD Recipes

Since I have some extra time - I found some between 1 am and 5 am - I am creating another web site. It is called: Haven's ROHHAD Recipes

With ROHHAD (and Haven's Cancer) we have had to change her diet around completely! ROHHAD causes a lot of weight gain and high risk of cardiac arrest. So Kris and Haven have worked hard over the past year to create their own cook book. Haven is a huge fan of the Cooking Channel and loves Paula Deen and Rachael Ray. But the recipes they make are not suitable for Haven or any ROHHAD child.

So I talked with Haven and Julie (Mason's mom) about doing a ROHHAD special recipe and we're ready to go!

Breakfast Pizza -- created by Haven (actually very very good)

Haven comes up with some crazy foods - 95% of them turn out awesome. A ROHHAD diet consists of:

Low Calorie
Low Fat
Minimal Sodium
Minimal Sugar

The hardest thing is the sodium. No one really worries about sodium. Heck, one can of soup that's marketed towards kids at 1500 mg of sodium!!! We have Haven under 200 mg of sodium per day!!!

So we will highlight recipes that are perfect for a child with ROHHAD (or even simply overweight) and we will highlight certain foods that maybe seem weird but are awesomely nutritious.

Haven's ROHHAD Recipes -- coming soon!


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