Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Haven's 5th Birthday Bash!

Now that the holidays are over we are starting to prepare for Haven's birthday party. She has already informed us of everything she wants to decorate with and what she wants to do. I have ordered her invites - so expect to see those.

Friends and Family
Date: January 24th
Time: 1:00 pm
Location: Our house

Family - Extra Birthday Bonus
Date: January 25th
Time: 11:3o am
Location: Chuck E Cheese

Why two birthdays? I want a birthday party at the house for all of Haven's friends and family to be able to visit and be relaxed and have room. Haven wants to go to Chuck E Cheese. So we have agreed to do it two days and she is happy with this arrangement. Haven has been begging and saving Chuck E Cheese coupons for 2 months - how can I say no?

I think after this year we might move her birthday to sometime in May. We have to pick a good date but having Kris birthday 2 weeks before Christmas and Haven's 3 weeks after Christmas is crazy! I definitely didn't do very well in planning! :)

Love to all


  1. Havey; Gram and Candy cannot make you BD we will be thinking about you. I am sad:( that I cannot go to Chucky Cheese; I always had fun there when your Mommy was a little girl.
    Think about taking Uncle Tommy's birthday May 22nd he dosen's need one:)
    I love you very much
    Aunt Candy

  2. We just might take Tommy's birthday! :)