Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Medical Bills Suck! :)

Medical bills are AWESOME….I seriously don’t know how else to say it! These are from the last half of the year for 2008. We have paid for the first half of the year but now we need to deal with the last. All current 2009 medical bills are going in to their folder as we clear these out. I seriously could not imagine what someone would do without health insurance. I know there are companies out there that help out…..but I’d be terrified.

Side View - about 4 inches high!

As we have been completely stressed out about EVERYTHING – medicines, doctor visits, upcoming surgeries, normal bills, day to day living, anything extra Haven needs, and co-pays ($25.00 EVERY DOCTOR VISIT - we go 3 times a week). My mom came to us and has offered to help pay for as much of Haven’s medical bills as she can. My job – organize all the bills. For this I HUGELY thank my mom – she has cashed out her stocks and is putting all of it toward Haven. I couldn’t ask for anything more….ever again!


This is one day of chemo for Haven. One day - 6 hours!!! That's it. I don't know how many days we've been to in the past year........There definitely needs more funding for Childhood Cancer to help non-profit companies help families!

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  1. Have you tried getting Medicaid for Haven? We got bills like crazy too on Joshua - the especially big ones were when we went to see Dr. Weese-Mayer in Chicago (because she was out of our network). When we came back home, we found out about a Waiver Program to get Medicaid for Josh because he is medically dependent. That has started paying for his co-pays, etc. starting from his effective date (which unfortunately did not occur until months after the Chicago trip).

    You would need to contact your state's department of aging and disabilities to find out how to get Haven signed up. It is definitely worth it!