Monday, January 12, 2009

Make A Child Smile

My baby is one of the featured children on Make A Child Smile. MACS features kids that have a life threatening illness and encourage people to send cards to them to make them smile.

If you click the link above or HERE you will see Miss Haven. She is absolutely adorable!


  1. Hey Haven,

    wicked sunnies! Where can I find a pair like that?

    I read your story on Make A Child Smile . . . . we have something in common: you love to cook & I LOVE to eat!

    Cool blog kiddo!

    All the best,
    big ring

  2. You couldn't get on a better site with such a sweet webmistress, who I have gotten to met and talk to on the phone. I'm on here to get your addy from MACS. Big hugs for a Happy Birthday too!