Thursday, January 10, 2008

MRI has been completed!

Picture of Haven after the MRI in the recovery room about to go home.

Well last night Haven was so comfy sleeping on the couch and sleeping so soundly that we decided to let her sleep. I slept on the floor on the huge heating pad from my parents and around 5am she was thumping her way to me and crawled up next to me on the floor. I think it was the best night sleep she's had in a long time. So tonight she has been relaxing on "her" couch again!

Well we have been at the hospital all day (from 10am - 530pm) for Haven's MRI and in the recovery room. She had to have the MRI scan of the entire body so it took longer than a normal MRI - about twice as long. She was checked out by the doctors and nurses before undergoing the anesthesia as we have had many issues with anesthesia before. She is not able to have Verset or Ketamine so they always have to find a third alternative for her.

Due to her veins being so small and hard to find the 2 anesthesiologists decided to use the gas on her to knock her out first. This was a very hard decision and Kris and I did not agree on this at first. I didn't want it because the possibility of her stopping breathing due to the fatty tissue surrounding her neck. But this is the way the doctors chose to go as well. It was hard to see her. We held her hands until she went limp and they made us leave. We were allowed to give her a kiss good bye and told her we loved her and we'd see her soon.

The doctors ultimately had to use a breathing tube in her throat to keep her breathing and any collapse of the muscle could be bad. They did take 3 times to find a vein (which they ended up finding her the top of her hand). She is still bruised pretty bad from the last CT scan and blood work at the Oncology office.

She completed the entire scan without any issues and the doctors were very proud of her. Around 2:30 pm they brought her back out to us - of course we kept bugging them as it was supposed to be over at 1:30 pm. I get nervous when it's even 5 minutes past time. Then we went up to recovery and she had to stay there for a while. They wouldn't let her leave until she was completely conscious of everything and could stand. Her words were still a little slurred.

So finally around 4:15pm she was able to eat something. She hadn't eaten since 7pm the night before. So yes, she's been spoiled all night. As she says - she just wants to "B-lax" which means relax.

She has made plans to call her grandmas and aunts tomorrow when her voice is back. She can't talk right now as her throat is scratched up and hoarse from the tubes. But she is smiling and happy. Daddy rented her whatever movies she wanted and she got a whole box of Otter Pops for tomorrow.

Grandma and Grandpa Virginia come to visit tomorrow and will stay with her for the next few weeks. She is really looking forward to this. Plus the two fuzzy white doggies will be coming so I'm sure her days will be exciting and she won't bug dad about when I'm coming home from work.

Well this is a book - I've finally gotten rid of my migraine by sitting in the dark for 3 hours and having no one talk.

We love you all and thank you everyone for sending cards and text messages and gifts to Haven. She is definitely feeling the love from the world.

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