Saturday, January 5, 2008

Christmas Vacation Ohio

Visiting my grandpa's gravesite. This is the family plot. My Aunts and Uncles already have their spots on each side of Grandpa's.

Hanging out at Great Grandma's house.

Haven playing UNO

Texting - guess I interrupted her! :)

Grandma B just wanted a hug for the camera! ;)

Aunt Candy passes out in the middle of the room. Guess she thinks we're going to take her purse - she held on to it so tight!

Making Christmas cookies

My mom's first time ever making Christmas cookies.

Cousin Tonya helping Haven make her first cookies

Haven's cousins Ian (14) and Sean (13) enjoying the brotherly love while making cookies!

All the cookies Haven made. She went around asking everyone to try her cookies. They were SUPER SUGAR cookies.

Kendall joins in the cookie making

Haven assists Grandpa B in his hair do for the day!

Big cousin Erin. She helped Haven learn how to play Nintendo 64.

Cousin Tasha has the right technology to block out the chaos of the screaming family!

Haven falls asleep reading the big book!

Dad and Haven playing N64 - racing cars

My family is all about the video games. Everyone has a DS. N64 was out all week....don't think we ever let Great Grandma watch TV - unless it was MTV.

Bring out the Wii....we bowled for hours. Sean is a pro level but I BEAT HIM!!! My third game playing!

Definitely a fun game to play. I want a Wii now.

Driving back to Maryland!

Love you big girl!

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