Thursday, January 3, 2008

Johns Hopkins October 11, 2007

On October 11th I went in to Haven's room to check on her - she was snoring quite loudly - to find her in a seizure. Immediately I screamed for her dad and he came running upstairs and grabbed her. He could tell by my scream that something was wrong. I called 911 while running to my parent's house screaming for them to get over to my house. It took about 10 minutes for the ambulance to get there but we had the cops there within a minute or so.

The medical team had Kris bring her out to the ambulance as they hooked her up to check her vitals. Her heart rate was over 200 bpm and her blood pressure was 178/96. Normal BP for her age should be 90/60 and resting heart rate should be around 80 or 90. They immediately began to work on her and got the paddles ready as they feared she would have a heart attack at any minute. They wouldn't let Kris or I in or near her for about 20 minutes as they feverishly took care of her. Then we heard her scream. The best sound I could hear - she was coming out of it. At this point she had been in the seizure for about 40 minutes.

The ambulance took us to Chesapeake Hospital where they were able to completely pull her out of the seizure - after over an hour of being in it. She was scared and freaking out - didn't know where she was. They ran a quick CT Scan on her and came back to tell us that they could not handle what was going on with her. They called Johns Hopkins to send an ambulance and pick her up. About 2am in the morning JH shows up and we headed to Baltimore.

Haven spent 6 days in the hospital undergoing major tests and meeting with A LOT of specialists. A team of doctors signed up as her main contacts - Neurologist and Endocrinologists would be the main doctors we would work with. The Geneticists checked her out throughly and confirmed that nothing was genetics.

On the 6th day we were sent home with a 4 day test for Cushings Syndrome.

Two days after the hospital we were once again back in the JH emergency room until around 2am. They were again fearing that she may have a stroke or heart attack. At that point they put her on blood pressure medicine.

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