Saturday, January 5, 2008

Christmas Eve 2007 - Invasion of Candy's

Tonya and her dog that I can't remember his name right now!

Cousin Tasha and Aunt Gill - Josh (friend of Erin's) on the phone

Aunt Candy, Grandpa B, and Aunt Gill

So why are we here?

Brother and Sister

Mother and Daughter

Uncle John, Tony, and Tasha

Yea she's a cutie! Once she gets her law degree I'll be giving her a call!

Opening presents!

Erin and I splurged on GG's gift! Tried to get her to drink out of it...but she decided to put it in the window to show it off!

Haven gets a Hannah Montana purse! She loves HM!

Peace out chickadee!

Uncle John makes his debut!

Grandpa and Grandma B Honey (as Haven calls them)

Uncle Ernie, Tonya, and Kendall

Dysfunctional Triplets!

Erin cooked for 3 days and I drove her to the grocery store about every 40 minutes for more ingredients. Thanks for all the food! :)

Erin and Kendall

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