Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Meet with Neurology - Kennedy Krieger Center

Well another day sitting in a doctors office for 5 wonderful white wall filled hours! This appointment was set up by Haven's Oncologist so it wasn't something we requested. Anyway, they were testing her for development skills and we discussed the seizures and sleep walking episodes. Really what they are checking her for was not on our priority list. A few things we want to check in to but we will not be pushing them at this time.

We did receive a prescription for some medication for seizures - in case she is to have another one. She did test high on most of the tests but a lot of them she refused to talk to the doctors but would answer when I asked her. Instead of repeating the same sentence back to the doctor she'd correct the doctor.

Doctor would say: "Dad went to the store"
Haven would say: "No, my mom went to the store"

or they'd say: Mom did something and she'd correct them and say Dad did it not Mom.

The Oncologist have taken Haven off her blood pressure medicine to do the radiation testing over the next two days. And in 2 days her BP has gone from 106/64 to 126/78. So Kris is at the doctor with Haven now to figure out what we can do. They will not administer anesthesia if her BP is too high and by Friday it may be too high. Plus she has surgery the week of Feb. 4th so we're worried if they don't put her back on she won't be able to have surgery.

Will update once I have more information. :)

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