Sunday, June 24, 2012


Thank you to everyone that sent Weston "stuff" for his birth!!!  Although we did not have a baby shower I felt the love coming from across the US and S. Korea!!

Mom and Dad --- thank you for the crib, changing table, double stroller (because I have two that need strollers!!!), and the monkey vibrating chair (as seen above)!

Aunt Candy and Grandma --- Thank you for all the clothes (and there was a lot of clothing), toys, blankets, and first aid kit for babies.  The girls thank you for their gifts as well!

Grandma Sing and Grandpa Beard-off --- Thank you for the handmade blankets (as seen above) and all the clothing.  Thank you for making dinners for mom and dad after I was born!!!

Valarie Emery --- a friend of mine from high school that I have enjoyed reconnecting with over facebook....thank you for the HUGE box of clothing!!!

S. Korean Grandparents --- Thank you so much for the clothing and beautiful blankets!!!

My mom's friends --- thank you so much for the huge box of clothing!!!!

My boy is definitely not running around naked!!!  Thank you to everyone on FB for your well wishes as we birthed this baby.

We are definitely having fun.  Haven is an amazing big sister and is helping to take care of Rohnin while Weston takes most of our time.  Rohnin is having fun learning about her new brother and trying not to poke him!

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