Saturday, June 2, 2012

Chemo day and Baby Boy day

Haven and I actually had doctor appointments on the same day at the same time.  So on the 29th we all spent a little time at hospitals and doctors offices.

Haven had to do her chemo - which will keep her up to date for the summer.  She did amazing this time.  I left her with dad and Rohnin while I went to my appointment.  She does not have to see another doctor until the end of July when she will head back to SLC Primary Childrens to get all her lab work done, not just IGG levels. 

This is the new port access needle they use here.  It has taken Haven a few times to get used to it but this time was a much better access and no blood.

As for the baby boy....I have been suffering severe pregnancy induced carpel tunnel syndrome.  Randomly at any time my arms and hands will begin to burn and go numb.  I can't move them and I can't relieve the pain.  It doesn't matter what position I'm in or what I'm doing.  So I went in to see the doctor and after 2 weeks of about 2 hours of sleep each night I was not in a mood to not get something done about it.  I am now wearing splints on each arm and he gave me some amazing sleeping pills.  Due to the severity of the carpel tunnel he will also be inducing me early so I will stop swelling so bad.  We will find out the exact date and time on Monday morning.  I really wanted June 21 since it is my grandpa's bday but it doesn't seem as though we can make it that long.  But we'll see....we are definitely excited to meet our new little baby boy.  

NAME NOT CHOSEN YET!  We get this all the time...even if we have a name you won't find out until we deliver.......



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  1. Dear Misty,

    Thanks for all the updates. I've been wondering what was going on with Haven and family. I loved all the pics.

    I'm so thankful that Haven is doing so well. I pray that after you have your baby that you'll be feeling better, too. Please let us know as soon as you can after he's born.

    Please tell Haven and Rohnin that I said Hi and that I hope they have a fun summer.

    With prayers & best wishes,