Sunday, November 29, 2009

Welcoming Nikki

Yesterday morning we were in the car by 8am to head out to Frederick to pick up Nikki. We were all very excited - I was also happy Haven brought the DS. She is usually driving me crazy about 2 miles in to the drive and we have 2 hours to go. My only concern was the stairs when we got their....I hadn't fallen in 1 day and didn't want to fall yesterday.

When we got there all the babies were still there waiting to be picked up. I was surprised but no one wanted the ears cropped or the fur cut. They are just so cute. How could you not love these babies.
Haven holding Miss Nikkideez. We're still slowly working on holding her. She's a bit big for Haven. But she sure is adorable!!!

Nikki did great in the car. We have a 2 hour drive and she went straight to sleep and slept the entire drive. When we got home we took her outside to start getting used to her surroundings. Haven has been doing great with her.

My dad came over to check out the new baby. She is just too cute. They kinda wandered around on the deck for a while.

Haven and Nikki sat down to watch iCarly. Haven said Nikki told her that it was her favorite show. Not sure I agree....but they were talking to each other.

I just love when she lays on Haven's belly. It's so cute. She loves doing this. Everytime Haven sits down Nikki crawls up on her.

Playing with one of her many toys.

She actually fell asleep with Haven rubbing her belly. It was so cute.

Nikki did great for her first night away from her brothers and sister. We expected more crying and stuff. She did a little cry around 11pm and I took her out and she pottied then she slept the rest of the night until about 6am. She was crying and I took her out and she pottied again. We are very happy she is adjusting so well.


  1. Haven your new puppy is so cute, have a fun with her.

  2. Hi, Miss Haven!

    So glad that you had a great Thanksgiving. I loved all the photos of you and Nikki!

    Praying for a good week for you.

    Bye for now,