Friday, November 13, 2009

1st Week of School.....and Nicodemus Annabelle

Haven has been doing excellent with her school. She has always loved to learn and would rather be doing workbooks than playing with toys. Although she does teach her babies (stuffed animals) their letters and numbers.

The teacher was over Tuesday - Thursday this week. Tuesday was an evaluation day with the teacher to find out where Haven is and what her curriculum should be. The teacher was amazed at how much she knew without being in school for over 2 years. Just because she's home or in a hospital doesn't mean we stopped teaching her. I was pushing her on 1st grade workbooks this summer.

Wednesday she got her school books and with the teacher she did the entire month of August in 3 hours. AWESOME! What the kids at the school took to learn in August she had it down. The teacher was amazed by her. They read stories and Haven even sang songs!!! We had a bit of homework which she had a blast doing with me.

Thursday was learning 5 more words and making flash cards. They did some math and more spelling and reading. Haven absolutely loved it. She has a lot of homework for the weekend. We did some last night and will do it all weekend to keep her mind going.

I never second guessed her on what she knows my fears have been social interaction with other kids and if they will make fun of her or pick on her. This is something I won't be able to handle.

But for now she is doing great and loving her school work.

Saturday she will go to see Nicodemus Annabelle or Nikki or Deez....She will get to put her necklace on the one she picks. I asked her how she was going to pick and she said "whichever one runs to me and wants to play is the one I'm taking". Should be fun - we'll post pictures of the puppies tomorrow evening!

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  1. Hi, Haven!

    "WAY TO GO" on doing your school lessons. Keep up the good work!

    I hope you have a fun time picking out your special puppy and that you and your parents have a super duper weekend.

    Continuing to keep you and your parents in prayer.

    Bye for now,