Sunday, November 8, 2009

Hanging with Stryder

First I couldn't believe Haven played with Stryder Saturday off the couch...played in another her Aunt Katie bought some moon sand for Stryder and we were hoping Haven would play. Katie did it. She got Haven outside and actually got her touching and playing with the sand.

Stryder loves when Haven plays with him but Haven is very particular about certain things. They had a lot of fun but Haven did have too many rules for a 2 year old to like. So he started doing things just to drive her crazy. It was hilarious.

I am so happy she played with him. She hasn't really been around kids since getting sick 2 years ago...we are slowly trying to get her to understand before putting her in a school setting next year.

They probably played for about an hour....most of that time they played by themselves together. I am so happy.

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