Sunday, November 8, 2009

So active.....Ready for School

I am amazed every day at how active Haven has been. Saturday night she was running up and down the hall with Stryder - she played with him on the keyboard in the pink room - and just had a lot of fun. SHE HAS NEVER gotten off the couch when he comes over. She used to just ask him to sit and watch TV with her.

Saturday evening around 8pm I received another phone call from the school and Haven's teacher wants to come on Monday!!! So we were excited but all of the sudden I noticed that Haven was getting nervous. So I had to make it fun.

Sunday Haven and I got up and grabbed Aunt Katie and went shopping at Walmart for school supplies. Katie is going to be an elementary teacher and the school didn't give me any info on what she needs to do her stuff. So Aunt Katie helped us pick supplies. I got her a little locker and she meticulously placed each item where it needed to be. It's fun to watch her because she is so specific on where everything has to be.

She is very excited to start learning.

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