Sunday, November 8, 2009

Red Velvet Cupcakes

Well...we hadn't celebrated Grandma's or Grandpa's October birthdays yet and Stryder was coming over for the night. I woke up and told Haven we had the best excuse to make cupcakes!!! She hasn't baked or cooked in a long time and she was EXCITED.

Here she is starting the cake mix. velvet cupcakes. It actually looked kinda scary - I never made red cake before.

We've cooked the cupcakes in the little feet and now we're planning to mix colors in the icing! This is the fun part!

Mixing the colors...we made pink, lime, purple, and blue. Haven put so much blue in the blue that I'm very scared to eat it. I accidentally got a small bit in my mouth and it instantly turned my teeth and tongue blue!!!
PS: red velvet cake stains!

Final result....beautiful cupcakes in the feet sprinkled with love! yummy.....

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