Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Haven had a lot of fun today helping me cook! Yes I cooked...Deviled Eggs and Green Bean Caserole. My first time ever cooking this much! We had fun too.

It was weird but 6 of our eggs were twins....what does that mean?

Haven did all the mashing and mixing of the yolk for the eggs!

She even stuffed her own eggs!

My dad has worked hard for the past month. Every minute he could he was out there working. I'd even go out around 1am on the weekends and he'd be sawing, sanding or painting. The goal was to have it ready by Thanksgiving! Looks awesome. The only thing I did was pick out the flooring.

So very nice. It was cozy and warm and they opened the French doors in the house to the porch and it really added a nice feeling to the house.

My sister and her son came by for dinner. They were looking great.

We had a good time visiting with everyone and had lots of yummy food. There were only 7 of us but my dad still had my mom cook 2 turkeys and 1 everything else!

Now we are looking forward to Christmas. Kris and Haven will put the tree up tomorrow. We will not be venturing out for Black Friday - in fact all Santa needs is the Internet! Haven is working on her Walmart wish list right now. :)

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