Sunday, June 7, 2009

Princess Haven

We've had a great weekend. I wanted to get Haven out this weekend and the weather has been perfect. She has surgery tomorrow morning at 9am - we have to be there at 7am. Since everything is about to start I wanted to get some pictures taken of her. She picked her beautiful princess dress she got for her birthday to wear. Here are a few sneak peaks. We took quite a few but thought I'd share a some.

Don't worry family - you'll get your photos in the mail! :)

She had a lot of fun. The photo people knew we were coming in to take them before chemo starts up and they really took their time with her. They also gave her what ever photo she wanted in any size for free. So she picked her favorite.
We should have the photos on June 17th unless they come in sooner!


  1. The pictures turned out beautifully, so happy that Haven had such a nice weekend.

  2. Beautiful pictures! I think my favorite is the 3rd one - I used to pose just like that, since I was only 1 year old! I'm glad you all had a great weekend. Haven will be in my thoughts, and I hope everything goes well with her surgery and chemo in the upcoming year. Thanks for the updates on everything - I'll definitely continue to follow her progress. I find it amazing what a support system your family has - from strangers, like me, to the other ROHHAD children's families. It's so heartwarming!

  3. Beautiful Haven! I will be praying as she embarks on the surgery tomorrow!

  4. Misty; I am have great problems with this computer hope you get this. The pictures are absolutely great! Gram and I have been thinking about Havey all day. I sure hope everything goes ok; she has been through so much and you have endured so much. IT IS NOT FAIR! I gave tovey a big hug this morning and told him about Haven. Keep us posted please.
    Love all of you

  5. Awwww Awesome pics there haven. Your daughter is soooo gorgeous. I just hope everything turns out for u her and u guys. God bless.

  6. Haven, you are one very gorgeous girl XX

    LOL, from Jo & family