Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Next surgery


From our meeting with Oncology last week we have moved forward with Haven's foot surgery. I called the Podiatrist yesterday and discussed Haven's needs and the urgency of this surgery. They contacted Haven's doctors and we are set for surgery on Monday June 8th. We're actually on stand-by right now - I'm waiting for them to call back with a time. All of the pediatric beds were full so they were going to move people around.

Haven's toes were so infected this weekend that a couple of hours at the mall caused them to crack open and bleed for the past 3 days.

Haven will be in Oncology this Friday to receive IVIG. This takes a full day to administer. Her dad will be with her and I'm sure all will be quiet because I won't be there bugging anyone! :)

I will update her site with the next plan of treatment soon. We're still trying to let it sink in a bit.

We are hoping they are able to get our last anesthesiologist, Dr. Rich Elliott, that did her eye surgery. He was really good and he's the one that called and talked to me prior to the surgery and then he followed up with Oncology. He was very good.

Love to all


  1. Keeping Haven in our prayers that this next surgery will go smoothly and she will recover quickly.

  2. Haven as always Mason and I think about you every day and know you will push thru with flying colors!
    We love you - Mason & Julie