Friday, June 26, 2009

Haven in surgery

Here we were at the hospital at 6am. Only one other little girl in there getting ready for surgery.

Miss Haven ready to go. This is the pediatric surgery prep room. We have been in this room so many times all of the nurses know Haven. She is also good friends with the Child Life girl, Lauren, that works in this room.

Here she is with Lauren and the other girl that was getting ready for surgery. They were working on crafts. The best thing about this hospital is the Child Life team. They are awesome with the kids. Haven loves playing with them.

Ready for surgery. I was super excited about our anesthesia team. Kris and I always put a request in as to who we want to be Haven's anesthesiologist. Many times we get our wish and today was perfect.

Dr. Greenburg (on the left) was Haven's anesthesiologist during her first surgery done by our favorite surgeon, Dr. Price. It was a 14 hour surgery and they were much we request them often.

Dr. Patel on the right was Haven's anesthesiologist last week during her MRI. He really learned Haven very fast and having her history made it much easier on us this morning. Usually we spend an hour with each doctor explaining what ROHHAD is. Today ALL 3 doctors knew Haven, knew everything about ROHHAD, and knew her complications.

I couldn't have picked a better team if I tried ---- sshhh I did beg a little for this team! :) Thank you everyone!