Friday, June 26, 2009

24 Hour Delay.......

Around 4pm today our Inpatient Oncology team came in to talk to us and they were a bit to serious this time. They sat Kris and I down to inform us that Haven has tested positive for Hepatitis B.

I was in extreme shock I didn't even know what to say at that point. I just looked at her and said "I don't know what that means". Kris jumped to his feet and had a bit harsher language and more reaction than I could muster. He then calmed down and regrouped.

They don't know how she could test positive. We were told it could've been from a blood transfusion during surgery. She's only had 1 surgery that required a blood transfusion and that was February 2008. We couldn't believe that after 1 1/2 years she'd test positive now. We have blood taken every week and spent many days giving blood the last 2 weeks.

The doctor told us she called Haven's Oncologist to inform him. They believe it could be a false positive but to be sure they have had to delay the start of her chemo 24 hours. They did a lot of tests this evening and alerted the lab that they were on the way.

We will find out tomorrow what is going on.

Then tonight around 6pm or so we noticed Haven was looking really bad. She has had diarhea all day long, her eyes were now sunken in and dark circles, she has a rash under her left eye and red streaks on her face. Then she developed a fever. She has been closely monitored for the past couple of hours and her port site has been checked for sign of infection. We have been told they believe it is an allergic reaction to the anesthesia used today.

We will again find out more about this tomorrow. She will be closely monitored all night.

We are extremely exhausted. We are tired of worrying all the time. I believe today added another 5 years to us. It has been an extreme roller coaster but we are trying to stay calm.

Can't we just get one break here?????????

I have to say my baby is AWESOME and AMAZING. She is the most amazing girl I know. She has been awesome through all of this. The past almost 3 years of doctors and hospitals and she never complains. She just goes along and does all their tests. I love her to death. I only wish I was like her.

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  1. Haven is AWESOME! I also love her very much. I wish I could have been around her more and had pictures to the both of us. I just cannot get to Maryland:( Gram will not travel any longer; I cannot drive alone and I have animals that cannot be left.
    Make sure Haven knows who I am and I am thinking about her all the time. Tell her G-Gram is also thinking about her.
    We love all of you very much