Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hi CY - Day 2

Well it's been a bit crazy around here and we've met many doctors and nurses. But it's nice to know the ones that are assigned to Haven and that they are able to learn about her and this crazy disease.

Haven has been having wild sleep patterns - which we are told is due to the high levels of Cytoxan. I think she even scared her nurse Patel the other night. The nurse told me she came in the room in the middle of the night and Haven told her to be careful because there was a little girl outside her window that keeps staring at her. She told the nurse this over and over. Haven is on the 8th floor!! The nurse was joking and telling us that she wasn't going to come back in here.

Then during a diaper change Haven decided to become a ninja and beat everyone up with her superstrength. Kris said that was around 4am and by the time they were done changing her both had a big sigh of relief.

We finally got to give Haven a shower yesterday. She is required to have a shower each day to keep the germs away. This is a huge task. We have to get the nurses to unhook her cables and wrap up her central line so it does not get wet. Then we had to put a chair in the shower so she wouldn't slip - she fell the last time she was here and took a shower.

After all this we got settled down when the Cytoxan hit her bad. I spent the rest of the afternoon up to my elbows in diarhea! Yea, that was fun!

Around 6:30pm Haven said she was really tired and wanted to take a nap. She was asleep within 30 seconds and about 1 minute later I was calling the nurses and doctors in. She was snoring very loudly and very deep in her chest. The first nurse and I couldn't wake Haven up so she called the Oncologist in and by that time Haven was awake.

She fell back to sleep about 1 minute after they left and I watched her. I took 4 videos so I could prove I wasn't crazy. Her O2 was at 100 and her HR was at 130 resting. Everything looked good but she was extremely loud and having difficulty breathing. I opened the door and both nurses came out of the station and yelled down to me "is that her?". They grabbed the other Oncologist and headed in to our room. He listened to Haven for a few minutes before waking her up. He just wanted a base line to know if it changes over night.

The Hi CY is given to Haven at 10pm. We were going to give her Benadryl to help her relax during the treatment but about 10 minutes before it was to begin we canceled that. I was too worried that putting her in to a deeper sleep during chemo would be a bigger problem than we needed.


  1. Bless that sweet beautiful Haven's heart. I marvel at what these children have to endure and do it so well. It would set an adult back on their heels let alone a child. Thoughts and prayers are with you all. Hang in there Haven!!