Sunday, May 3, 2009


Haven working on her in-home herbal garden. She also made a strawberry garden in the house. Once they sprout she can move them to the bigger garden in the back yard. We were only able to get dirt in the back yard garden before the rains hit.

Here she is mixing her dirt and getting ready to plant the seeds. We had worked on the front yard all morning.

Our garden out front. She worked hard on this with me. I had to dig out about a foot and half more from the house. The plants were getting water where they were. So we transplanted all of them forward. Our rose bush is doing great.

I was so worn out from 6 hours of digging and planting yesterday Haven and I both went to bed at the same time.

Next up our Topsy Turvy Tomato planter and finish up the back garden. She and I had lots of fun on our girl day.


  1. Haven and Misty - you did such a good job on your garden! It looks awesome! Can you guys come over and help me & Mason plant one in our backyard??

  2. Haven it looks like you are doing a great job on your garden. Have fun.

    Blogger is finally letting me leave comments yeah.

  3. Havey; you look very nice; I like the dress you're wearing; your garden is fantastic!
    You and Mommy keep up the good work; I do not like working in the yard.
    Aunt Candy