Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Congratulations to Team Haven - they ran the entire 10 miles in the rain on Sunday for Miss Haven. There were approximately 23,000 people at the Marathon this year and these guys pulled through. THANK YOU


Meghan & Jace Ely
Chip & Kristen Humkey
Jon & Dawn Gill
Pat & Kelli Mayes (with a baby in the belly!)
Randy Whiteman
Rick Bemben
Soo Kim
Grady Gillies

Meghan and Jace

We want to thank everyone for being part of Marathon and the run for Haven. Even if you weren't on the field you were routing the team on! A huge thank you to Meghan and Jace for thinking about Miss Haven when they were deciding what the charity should be this year. You guys are awesome!! In total they raised over $2,500 dollars for Miss Haven. My plans is to buy her a wheelchair that she loves and to save the rest for medical needs coming up this year!


Meghan & Jace Ely
Randy Whiteman
Trey & Meg Standing
Stacey Donley
Pete & Shelley Ollis
Amanda Brown
Joyce Moffatt
Andrea Cilona
Nicholas Lovric
Heather Grice
Judy & John Grice
Marlin & Amy Roberts
Autumn Conklin
Sabrina Chin
Eric & Cam Johnson
Emily Keener
Dominic Schneider
Mary Jane Kaiser
Kirsten Sellers
Christine Frost
Darrel Martin
Sara Rigel
Anne Rigel
Julie & Larry Byrom
Nick Hudelson
Rick Gatlin
Angela Lehmann
Carolyn and Wayne Thompson
Carl and Kareen Wylie
Thom and Lorna Gill
Bob and Beth Giorgiani
Jon & Dawn Gill
Michael and Patricia Gillies
Brett Gillies
Ken and MJ Williams
Rob and Nancy Ronconi
Michael Schwenk
Maya Ahluwalia
Jorge Diaz-Granados
Melanie Jagannathan
Alberto Barzola
David Schoenfeld
Jean M. Gauthier
Marion Wise
Jeff Schell
Dustin James
Becky Dingsor
Anna Le
Jack Covy
David Kang
Dawn Langan
Kara Surrena
Lindsay Heizyk
Eric and Donna Mayes
Tom and Patricia Mayes
Don and Ruth Shaw
Ted and Terri Carol
Pat and Kelli Mayes
Barry and Barb Ebner

I can't thank everyone enough for their thoughts and caring for our daughter. We truly appreciate all of you. It's amazing that even in rough economic times everyone can come together to help out a child they've never met. I can't express my gratitude to you enough - and Meg - thank you so much.

Love to all

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