Friday, May 8, 2009

Ready to finish the garden

Well....I've had a week filled with doctors and intense migraines. I'm taking tonight off from the computer to get rid of the lingering headache to prepare for tomorrow. We're supposed to have more thunderstorms tonight - after 2 weeks of straight constant rain I'm ready to have it dry up a bit.

Our mud garden has grown quite well....we've harvested enough mud to build a hut! I am really hoping we can plant some of the seeds in by Sunday. Would be a nice Mother's Day.

Haven's herbal garden in the house has started to sprout up and she has been excited about it.

Oh - Today for the first time at chemo Haven played with a little girl. Kris called to tell me she was actually playing with a little girl. I wish he would've taken the camera since it's such a rare event. She usually clams up and is too scared to go in to the play room. But she was having fun today. She did well getting her port accessed and was great in the car that Kris took her out for a lunch date and a little shopping for a new coloring book.

It's about 9pm and I am happily ready for bed! Looking forward to doing nothing this weekend and maybe a little gardening with my big girl.

Have a great Mother's Day everyone --- Dad and Jeannie thank you for the gift - I will happily enjoy it shopping with my girl at Joanne's!

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