Monday, May 25, 2009

Little vacation

Whew.....sorry - I had to take about a week off from everything. It all just started piling up in my brain and last week was so busy. I was in California for a few days and then I spent the day at the doctor immediately after coming home. I believe I was in airports and airplanes a total of 14 hours last Tuesday only to get home around 2:30am and at the doctor by 8:00 am.

Haven is doing well. I have a few photos to share with everyone!

Last week was Lauren's birthday. Haven wanted to bake with her for her birthday. They made carrot cake muffins - with substitute almost everything. She really loves to bake and cook.

This weekend I had told my dad we'd go to Gettysburg but it has been way too hot and too humid to take Haven anywhere. We went to Delaware and shopped the mall up there - NO TAX - so we were able to get a few things. I still need to find an Old Navy store to take her to. I might try that today. We're going to take her to see Star Trek this afternoon.

I am happy to have had a week vacation from thinking about anything. I started getting overloaded last week when I talked to Kris about last Friday's meeting with the doctors and then I talked to the doctor and I'm just trying to chill until we hear more from them. It seems that our house is quiet but it is constantly going with doctors.

Haven has a full day of chemo this Friday and then Kris and I will be meeting with the doctors on the 5th of June to discuss Haven's progress from where she started to where she is now. I am proud of her. She does so well with taking all of her medications, she is sleeping through the night, last week at chemo Kris stayed an extra two hours because Haven was having so much fun in the playroom. She never plays with kids so when she does we kind of just let her go.

Saturday at the mall she had so much fun just walking around and when all of us were tired she was still wanting to go. Today she has asked me a few times what we are doing and if grandpa wants to do anything. It's a shocker when she wants to go outside the house.

Thank you to everyone...sorry for the break but it was much needed. I have to prepare my brain for what is coming up and a 3 day weekend came at the perfect timing.

PS: Happy Birthday to my brother Tommy!!!!


  1. Haven looks like you are having a great time cooking. Yummy

  2. Haven you look so good & I love your dress! I am glad you had a good memorial day weekend. Mason says hi !!

  3. Breaks are needed for all of us. I hope you are doing better. I continue to pray for Miss Haven Cutie Pie!

  4. Mist; I am having major computer problems; do not think it is going to live much longer. I am happy that you were able to have a vacation too bad you did not make it to Gettysburg. Haven looks great! I hope everything works out at your meeting meeting with the doctors.
    I also cannot find you to send a message.