Sunday, October 19, 2008

Thank you

HI -

We'd like to send a thousand thank you notes every week....but it's just difficult. BUT Haven has made quite a few cards this weekend between naps. She has a special one for Kendall, which she said it's a secret as to what is in it - Grandma and Grandpa in Virginia have a special one, Grandpa and Grandma in Utah have a special card and she is working on a name for the doll she received. I'll get photos of the doll tomorrow.

THANK YOU Mom and Simon - the Walmart card really helps out - we're still trying to get out of diapers but with the added medications she's still having a hard time controlling it. She did pick out a movie with her card. I like her to get something of her choice when we receive the cards - so it's not only for her necessities. She picked out "Dora Saves The Snow Princess".

Thank you Shirley Anderson for constantly sending Haven little gifts.

Thank you Dad and Jeannie for the "wrinkly dog" and for sending the doll with your package.

Thank you Miss Dawn and all the nurses at Riverside Johns Hopkins. Haven watched "The Secret of Nimh" 50 times this week.

Thank you to everyone for caring so much about this little girl.

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