Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Adopted for Christmas

Yes...Haven has been adopted for Christmas. And we explained to her that it means she has to go live with someone else for Christmas. She was not amused! :)

Actually what it means is that Miss Dawn and Dana (Pediatric nurses at JH Riverside) contacted us and asked if they could adopt Haven for Christmas. I was so overjoyed I wanted to cry. That's amazing. I'm sure all of you agree that these are the best Pediatric nurses you will ever know.

They are working on a project to get donations for Haven for Christmas on the stuff she likes most.

I thought about it and we had a trip planned to Disney but had to cancel it due to chemo and surgery. But as you will see in the above story - this probably wouldn't work.

So the best and top item Haven loves more than anything is Lauren. She can't wait for Lauren to come back to be with her. She is her best friend she says. So of course this would be a great gift - to be able to have Lauren more than once a week.

Otherwise I'd love the girls to surprise Haven with what they think she'd love. It is AMAZING that they would do this for her and love Haven as much as they do.

We're very excited and Haven is uncertain about the adoption process! :) Thank you all of you.

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