Sunday, October 19, 2008

Emails - Sizing and Christmas

I've received some emails with questions on Haven's sizes.

She loves to get clothes but I know it's very hard to keep up with her sizing. She knows to never take the tags off until we make sure it fits. She is constantly changing. We were in an 8/10 but we are now in a 10/12. I know it seems REALLY big when you're at the store and how can a 4 year old wear a 10 year olds shirt. She does. She wears my shirts. Pants are extremely difficult. I am very worried about this winter - I do not know how I am going to keep her warm. 10/12 pants are about 2 feet too long and don't even fit her belly. She needs a 12/14 waist and a 5T length.


Shirts - 10/12 and blousy - nothing tight. She doesn't like anything tight on her belly because she can see the scar

Pants - 10/12 or 12/14 -- so far I have found 1 pair of sweat pants made by L.E.I. at Walmart that come in capri length. Capri length is perfect. No jeans of any kind. She can not fit in to any jeans no matter the size. They hurt her belly

Nightgowns - she wears them like dresses (please no Hannah Montana) size 10/12

She has tennis shoes but can't wear them. I just bought them but with her toe constantly infected we do not have her wear them.

As for Christmas suggestions:

Jewelry - this girl loves to dress up when her friends come to visit. Please no metal necklaces. The cheap metal necklaces are constantly making her have a rash around her neck. I have had to get rid of all of them. But colorful bead necklaces and bracelets are perfect.

Nail polish - she loves to have Dad do her nails

Make up - she loves lipsticks and lip glosses

Anything art/drawing related - she loves pens (please for us - no markers), scissors, crafts, anything crafty. The girl has so much of her dad in her that it can drive me crazy! :)

Haven does not play with barbies. She never has. Not even little dolls. BUT she loves stuffed animals and she loves the build-a-bear place (if you want to do gift certificate).

Clothes for her bears - best place is build-a-bear - not expensive and a huge selection and they fit the bears.

Anyway, I've had some emails requesting info. If there is something specific that you want to know if she can have please email me -

We miss everyone. Love you

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