Monday, February 27, 2012

Our Newest Addition

In April of 2011 our second daughter was born.  

We were amazed at her ultrasound photos and how long her legs were. 

Mom's favorite foods all in one plate - Naval oranges, Cabot cheese, 75% cocoa chocolate and saltine crackers.....

 One of the best perks....closer parking!  Grandpa loved to have mom with him when he went shopping

My sister Haven doing my baby registry at Babies R Us

 She spent about 2 hours in the store going through everything!!!

Grandma B Honey had a beautiful baby shower for me.  All of mom's friends came and we had lots of fun playing games and eating yummy foods!

 Thank you Grandma for all the yummy food and very cool party!

 Some of mom's friends - Nicole, Maureen, Amanda.  Maureen came to visit us from Massachusetts for the occasion!

 Playing games with were Starbucks cards!

Just one of the cute gift packages mom received for me!
 These are Haven's friends from Massachusetts.  Sophia to the left and Mackenzie on the right.  Sophia has the same rare syndrome Haven has - ROHHAD.

 My sister - the princess of the party!

 Monitoring was having false labor but didn't know it. 
Oh we had to go to the hospital a few times for false labor.....this little girl didn't want to come out.  Our first visit was on my birthday, April 6.  But after a few hours of walking up and down Hopkins - which I have done for too many years already - we were sent home.

 The original due date was April 11, 2011.  Which would've been cool and easy to remember with 4/11.  But no not my child.....stubborn before exiting...

We welcomed Rohnin Autumn-Aria on April 18th at 7:41 am.  She weighed in at 7lbs and 7oz and a length of 20 1/2 inches long.

I finally got to hold her after  1 1/2 hours from birthing her. She had a lot of respiratory issues and was on oxygen for quite a while.  But she did great. 

Here is Haven meeting her sister for the first time.  We had to work a deal with the nurses on the floor and Haven's Oncologist to let her up there.  They don't allow anyone under 16 on the floor - even siblings.  

My sleeping little baby.  She was amazingly perfect.  She was born with some minor complications but after she went through a few ultrasounds and scans we were assured that all would be well soon and that she would be monitored by the doctors for the next couple of weeks.


Here are her beautiful wrinkly feet....feeling a bit like snake skin!


 We still weren't sure of her name until the final day at the hospital.  It was set for 6 months and then at the last minute we altered it. 

Ready for our first drive in the car and mom is ready for this needle to be out of her wrist!

 Finally home with my big sister.  I am so happy to finally get to relax in my own home.  Haven is the best big sister ever!

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