Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Beautiful East Coast Driving

 One of our favorite places in PA - Codorus State Park

 Awesome house on the little river

 Love it!

 My artist daughter took a bunch of pictures - I really love this one

 Teaching Deezy to swim....didn't work very well

 Baby not a fan of the water at all

Rolling hills of Maryland

 Love the roads that are covered in trees

 Cute old cottages being restored in MD

 Deezy chasing geese at a park in MD

 Haven's favorite restaurant....I never stepped inside and was afraid to eat the food!

 Beautiful house on the bay about 2 miles from our house

Not a cool house in Havre De Grace.....seriously.

Our favorite shooting range.....

 After a while of driving we started noticing that MOST of Maryland was turning into trees and lots of equipment.....

It really is too sad.  We took a lot of these to compare what it will be like in 5 years!

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