Friday, February 19, 2010

Prepping for more snow

As if the last snow didn't take us down we're supposed to get more on Monday. I haven't updated Haven's site in a while although there is a lot going on right now. I don't think I've even taken pictures. I've been sick since getting back from Honduras.

This weekend Haven will be working on her pottery. She got some pottery stuff and a wheel for Christmas from Baby Stryder. So we'll see how well we can mess up the house.

Her MRI was canceled due to the blizzard so I'm working to get that rescheduled. Sleep study is still on schedule for March 6th.

The main issue we've been having lately is the sleep walking which has once again appeared suddenly. Still not half as bad as they used to be but terrifying none the less. She is constantly up and down screaming and yelling all night long. It's funny but not really --- Deez was sleeping in bed with Haven one night and around 1am she came running downstairs to find me. She had this terrified look on her face and was just very still and wanted to be close. I have no idea what happened but I immediately went to check on Haven and she was going crazy. I got her calmed down and then got the dog calmed down. Now Deez is afraid to be anywhere near Haven when she is sleeping. She'll happily sleep with her during nap time but not at night.

I have some great news hopefully I can share soon. Just waiting on doctors to give the final word. :) hint hint......


  1. Hi, Misty,

    Praying that you'll be feeling better soon and that Miss Haven's sleeping walking will stop. Please tell her I said hello to her.

    Your news to come has me wondering. The time you wrote that you were getting a new addition to the family had me thinking "baby" not "puppy." Could this be the great news? Waiting to hear from you.

    With caring prayers,


  2. Sorry about more snow:( We are having rain and snow mix; everything is starting to melt and refreeze. I knock ice cycles down everyday. Looking forward to your news. Hope everything is going well in Maryland; I also enjoyed seeing the pictures you have posted. I do think about all of you everyday and night.