Monday, February 8, 2010

Cancelled MRI

Because of ALL of this I cancelled the MRI today...but I did try. I spent 30 minutes in the driveway trying to get the car out before mentally being over it.

So we only need 2 more inches to beat our snowfall record....and we're scheduled for another 6 - 12 inches tomorrow through Thursday!

Luckily for me - if I can get out of the driveway - I will be in Honduras the rest of the week in 90 degree temps!

Good thing my mom is warmed up on shoveling after my dad had her up on the roof yesterday. She can do my sidewalks!

We won't count on the plows this next round since they spent 4 hours getting this one out after he got stuck trying to plow our street!

1 comment:

  1. I cannot believe what I see in the pictures; snow; snow; snow. We have 8" Watching the news today I see you are getting MORE SNOW!