Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day 4 - Make-A-Wish trip - Sea World

On Thursday we headed to Sea World.

One of the coolest roller coasters I've ever seen - The Manta

Make-A-Wish children get to feed the Dolphins, Stingrays, and Sea Lions. It was amazing. We've never fed the dolphins and we'd never pet them. One of the trainers brought the dolphins to us and had them sit up and do some tricks for us. It was beautiful.

Each of us got our own basket of fish but we let dad take care of the feeding!

These were hungry dolphins and they had no problems stealing from each other!

The Penguins - they are one of my favorite. I always have to see the penguins. The only problem is that we've seen Happy Feet so many times I just kept thinking about when he was in the case at the park. But these were beautiful Penguins and we stayed with them for a while.

Oh - the Sea Lions - Haven had never heard a Sea Lion bark and they were going crazy for food!

We saw this crazy show at Sea World called Allure. It was amazing the acrobats they were doing. He's holding her here by his feet!

Characters flocked to Haven every where she went. They would see her and come running even if she wasn't in line to see them. Of course, all characters were made to get small when next to her!

My baby - perfect outfit for Sea World.

Haven rode one of these at Dutch Wonderland last year but this one was bigger and she didn't realize that until it was going and going and going. She wasn't the happiest girl when she got off. But it was funny to watch her faces.

Ok...after this I decided I am not made to ride the rides any more. I can't handle the spinning - Haven thought it was great!

After a fun filled day we headed back for a small nap before our big dinner!

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